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A passionate about science, education and general knowledge.

  • PhD in Fundamental and Applied Particle Physics (Naples, Italy) Working since 2008 for the ATLAS experiment at CERN (based in Paris, France, Merida, Venezuela, Naples, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland)
  • System administrator for the Data Acquisition Quality Infrastructure of the ATLAS Experiment at CERN.
  • Manager, architect and developer of the ATLAS Open Data project at CERN (
  • Professor of Mathematics (ex) and Computer Science (Universidad de Los Andes and Universidad Central de Venezuela)
  • Co-founder, co-director and instructor of the e-learning NGO
  • Latin American co-coordinator of the ICTP program “Physics without borders”
  • Member of the Software & Computing team for ATLAS Cloud and GRID Infrastructure.
  • Developer: C ++, HTML + CSS + PHP, Python, Puppet, bash, ROOT.

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