The International Science Week will feature the holding of 5 symposiums with guests of international experience in the following lines of research:

  1. Education and communication
    • Teaching and Social Projection of Science
  2. Computacional Science
    • Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
  3. Environmental and Earth science
    • Adaptation to Climate Change and Water Security
    • Agribusiness and Food Security
  4. Nonoscale science and low D-systems
    • Nanotechnology and New Materials.

Each symposium will have its respective Scientific Committee which will have 2 researchers attached to foreign institutions and three national ones. For the realization of the Symposiums, 2 plenaries will be held with international speakers, presentation of posters and oral presentations of university students and research groups.

Application for publication in the Journal “Universitas Scientiarum” in a special issue.

At the same time students of the tenth and eleventh grades of the metropolitan area and of the neighboring municipalities of Santander will be invited, who will be organized a “Science Tour”, an activity that consists of guided visits that the students will make through the laboratories and groups of research of the Faculty with the purpose of encouraging the demand for the study of our programs as well as promoting the approach of the students to Science.